This is a bill of materials needed for the 83A Upper Light Bar Mount with Stock Headlight In addition to the 83 Motorsports Bracket Kit, You will need the following: 

1. Hozilife 6" Slim Light Bar from Amazon 

2. Turns Signals. You have two options, buy 83A kit from my website, which I have rewired, or purchase directly from Amazon and do all rewiring yourself.  

- If you purchase from Amazon, you will need to either cut stock wiring or purchase/make additional items such as:

2.1: Front signals terminals from Amazon  

2.2: Flasher Relay 3 Pin Connector from Amazon 

2.3: Wiring to extend rear signals to the stock bike connections. Here is an example from Amazon

3. Bullet wire connectors and two spade connectors

4. Some kind of power harness with switch. Here is an example from Amazon.

See my complete lighting kit install video to see what I'm talking about. 

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